1. Can I get a tattoo based in your illustrations?

Yes, you can do that, just make sure you send me pictures through my social media so I can share them. You don't need to pay me to do that. However, if you can support me buying something from my store or via Patreon, will be highly appreciated.

2. Are commissions open at the moment?

- I usually open 10 spots for commissions each month, you can try sending me a message using this form, I'll try to answer as soon as I can with the quote if it is something I can do.

3. Do you draw any subject?

I do not draw any character that might look underage, explicit sex scenes and furries (I don't know how to draw them properly). Other than that, no subject is taboo, so don't be ashamed to expose your ideas! 

4. How much do you charge for a commission?

- My commissions start at 140 USD for digital artworks and 160 for hand painted pieces. However, It depends on how complex is the project, how many characters are featured, and of course, if it's intended for commercial use or just personal.

5. Can I print one of your illustrations?

- I have some artworks available to download and print for free in my social media and some others in my Patreon. But most of the artworks I post, are intended for personal use or had been paid by clients, so please don't do that, especially with a commercial purpose.  All my artworks are copyrighted by Alejandra Oviedo / Ruttu under Colombian laws. If you have any questions, just send me a message in my contact page.

6. Can I use your illustrations to promote my services/products?

- I've been struggling with this for years and even if I know is almost impossible to control this, I ask my supporters that please don't use my artworks with commercial purposes without my express written permission. If you think your case is special, just send me a message, I'll see what can we do.

7. Can you do my company Logo?

- At the moment i'm not taking commissions for company logos, sorry for the inconvenience.

8. Do you sell digital versions of your prints?

- I don't sell digital versions of any of my prints or licenses of the images I already have used for prints. Since I just run limited and numbered amounts of each design, I control production to make sure the quality is the best and you are acquiring an unique product.

9. Do you sell originals?

- Yes! From time to time i post a set of originals for sale in my website, also, I do hand painted commissions. 

Any other questions? send me a message here.